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In 2010, W&M Watson’s senior management team saw an opportunity to bring something different to the fragmented packaging supply chain in Scotland: the convenience of a merchant with the pricing of a manufacturer. Despite its 30 year history in the local cardboard industry, it wasn’t until recently that Watson began expansion efforts to fulfill the dream that is now The UPAC Group.

Known primarily as cardboard box specialists, initial acquisitions such as Kite Packaging Scotland, a general packaging merchant, followed by the polythene company, Peter Bryson Packaging and Affinity Adhesives, gave the company an unrivalled product range to service their rapidly expanding customer base. Ever in search of advancement opportunities, Watson went on to purchase labeling manufacturer, Lothian Labels, followed by the cardboard box and solid board manufacturer The Colour Carton Company.

The UPAC Group is currently Scotland’s largest and fastest growing independent packaging group, and with over 70 staff members spread across 3 work sites, it retains one of the most experienced sales and customer service teams in the market to date. For more information on The UPAC Group, it’s members, or the services provided by the group, click HERE.

For further information about The UPAC Group, visit or call 0141 647 6985

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