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Polythene Carrier Bags

We offer a full range of dyed cotton and jute bags, available in all sizes with a variety of printing options to best advertize your company message to the public.  


Jute & Cotton Bags

Polythene Bags

Paper Carrier Bags

All our bags come in the following, LDPE, MDPE HDPE and polypropylene with standard, bio degradable, photo degradable and compostable options.  Customize your handles with patch, punch, variguage, flexiloop, duffle or drawstring selections; don't forget to pick your print style preference, litho, gravure and screen options with a one to full colour spot process available.  


Whether you are in the sandwhich trade or high end fashion, we have all your bag needs covered. From kraft, to art, to recylced(from 15-100%) paper, to gloss or matte lamination, our bags can be made to meet any desired specification. Our handle options range from no handle to ribbons with every imaginable choice in between! 

Our extensive stock guarantees your needs are met in all areas. Food grade bags, with or without grips(with or without write panels), box liners, garment film, refuse sacks, bin bags, compactor and rubble sacks in varied colours and sizes all with the option of safety warning notices.  


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