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W&M Watsons (WMW), Scotland’s long standing leader in the new and used cardboard industry, has announced the successful acquisition of local polythene product distributor Peter Bryson Packaging(PBP). While both companies have been proactively working side by side for the past 12 months, WMW, held off on the announcement until both firms were comfortably integrated as one unit with PBP set up to fully operate out of Watsons’ 60k square foot storage unit in Glasgow.


‘We see this as part of a bigger strategy to grow our market share in Scotland while consolidating (and thus strengthening) a hurting market...’ says Chris Kelly, Managing Director at Watsons. The merger, along with the acquisition of Kite packaging Scotland back in 2011, will give WMW an unrivalled advantage over competitors due to the influx of products and services they can offer their clients in the Scottish market.



For further information about W&M Watsons or Peter Bryson product lines and services,

visit, or call 0141 647 6985.

W&M Watson Packaging Completes Acquisition of Peter Bryson Packaging


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