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The UPAC Group is pleased to welcome Merlin Healthcare Packaging (MHP) to their growing family of packaging supply firms.  MHP offers a bespoke option to the waste care packaging service in the UK health industry. As with all members, MHP will be privy to the resources offered within the UPAC group, while retaining control over their supply chain; a key point of interest on their end where quality control and managing customer service levels are concerned.

‘In joining UPAC, we find ourselves in a unique position (in which) every element of the supply chain is covered under one roof, so to speak...’ says MHP managing Director, David Kent, ‘...The combined experience and strength of UPAC gives MHP a fantastic platform to launch our services onto the market.’


For further information about W&M Watsons or Peter Bryson product lines and services,

visit, or call 0141 647 6985.


Merlin Healthcare Packaging Has Joined The UPAC Group.

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